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Full Wedding Planning Package

Here is the ideal package customized for you with endless guidance to make your big day an exquisite event! 

Our Full Wedding Package will assist you from booking vendors, managing the vendors to making the budgets, and covering all the other details of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Choosing this package will also provide a helping hand in selecting your wedding attire, accessories, and your desired wedding theme.


In addition, our team will be readily available for you at any time to provide you with an end to end guidance and assistance for anything you require until your dream wedding becomes a reality!



Partial Wedding Planning Package

Have you completed planning your wedding up to a certain level but looking for guidance to do the rest of it?

Our Partial Planning Package is designed for couples who like to do part of the planning process on their own but want some assistance to ensure the details are perfect. It also suits those who are unable to cope with the planning process with other concerns such as corporate work, both or either the bride or groom living abroad or even over-stressed.


We will have the perfect solution for you to make it happen. We are ready to support you with constant guidance to oversee the entire function and assist our couples in making their big day a reality.


On-the-Day Coordination Package

Are you the confident couple who is able to plan everything in detail but require help of a pro to execute your plan?

Our Wedding Day Coordination package is specifically customized to execute your wedding day plan. We will make sure everything you planned for your wedding day runs smoothly, including making wedding day agendas to make your wedding a stress-free one. Even Though this is a Wedding Day Coordination Package, we also like to give a hand in certain parts of wedding pre-coordination to get to know the couple, aspirations including the theme and the wedding concept to make the wedding an exquisite one!


We will work with you from the time you confirm with us and start planning the final details of the wedding 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding.



Designing and styling are two “can’t go withouts,” which comes right after planning the essential elements. It all starts with sorting the color palettes that appeal to your senses which will continuously weave around the whole planning process.

We have our very own creatively skilled and experienced florists who can give life to your floral dreams. While we still work with other florists in the industry, we’re more than happy to give you a detailed quotation from our end at a competitive rate if you haven’t picked a florist as of yet!

Then comes the  other details, including finding the perfect linen, rentals and making your longed tablescape. We are also willing to customize your personalized design and styling ideas for floor plans and mappings to make your big day nothing more than a fairy tale dream that you desire!


If you're planning celebrate your big day in this paradise island; "Sri Lanka", we're ready to  create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

From finding a venue to executing the complete wedding day, our team will guide you through the intricacies of your destination celebration with the highest level of personalized service.

Together we will think through every element of your big day ensuring your personalities are reflected in the details, from stationery, linen selections, seating options, giveaways, and your floral selection.

All you got to do is book your ticket and come down few days before the big day, We will take care of everything else and guide you throughout the process.



We are geared to handle any type of corporate events such as Opening ceremonies, Dinner dances, product/service launches, Workshops and much more.


We also love creating intimate private functions such as Engagement parties, Birthdays, Anniversary parties,  Reunions and even proposals.

Get in touch with us with your requirement and we will give you the assistance needed.

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