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5 ways to use social media for your wedding

Create a personal hashtag

Creating a fun hashtag for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is the perfect way to

make your wedding social-friendly. Having a personal hashtag for your special day is popular for a reason – it is a great way to gather all of those wedding moments you weren’t able to capture yourself, but your guests did. There are so many online hashtag generators out there, and also don’t forget your IG expert friends who can help you come up with one.

Get your vendors involved

When posting before, during and after your wedding, don’t forget

to tag them on all social media platforms

Create an event or group for your wedding day

By creating an event (or even a private group) on Facebook all about your big day, it can be very beneficial during the run-up, on the day and even after the wedding has finished.

On this online platform, you’ll be ab

le to invite all your family members, share the exact date, time and location – which you can link to Google maps so you can assure no one gets lost!

On the morning of your wedding, you can post the itinerary for the day and also the list of what food everyone’s ordered and post any requests you have for your guests. Then, after the ceremony, family members can keep in touch and also share any pictures that they took on the day with those in the group!

Livestream your wedding

If you’ve decided to go for a destination wedding somewhere afar, or maybe some of your closest family and friends aren’t able to make it, Facebook Live is a great way to make them feel like they are there. Once we covered a wedding for a family that had their wedding in Kandy. Most of their family was from Canada and for those who couldn't make it, we did a live stream

Group Invites

e-invite for the details and write a heartfelt message to each group to personalize your invite

Create a Pinterest boar

d and Group pins

A group board on Pinterest lets multiple users pin on the same board. Pin anything from ideas to inspirations for your save-the-date, outfits, décor, hairstyles, bachelorette parties, etc., and take opinion polls on them. This help planning process a whole lot easier and keeping track of the small details

Use YouTube

Have your wedding video saved on YouTube as a private video

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