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Action Plan for Brides during Covid Times I Time for Plan B I Weddings in Sri Lanka

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The twin year of 2020 brought its own challenges. So, let us twin with it. Time to look at ‘plan B’ of your wedding plans. We have put together a list of items as an action plan to help the brides-to be during this Covid- crisis time. Team up with your vendors and let them support you too, look at alternative options to help make your dream come true -remember we are all in this together! This article aims to help the brides who have decided to postpone their wedding rather than cancel.

What brides need to do immediately after taking the decision to postpone

  1. Inform all vendors in writing – Inform your vendors of your decision to postpone the wedding. Request to extend your contract with them. Discuss about fees and charges. Look at their availability for another day. If you have a wedding planner, they will be able to guide you through the next steps.

  2. Pick a few dates in the future – Do not put your finger down on one single day, instead think of a few tentative days. This will help you to finalize one perfect day where all the vendors or most of them will be available for you. When deciding on a date think about the holidays and weather conditions too (especially if you are planning an outdoor event).

  3. Look at venue options – It is best to ponder about having a small garden wedding instead of an indoor event. Due to government restrictions on gatherings you must adhere to social distancing guidelines- so keep in mind that indoor events have more restrictions.

  4. Scale down- You may want to look at the guest list and decide on inviting the most important of the near and dear. It is best to invite less from the most vulnerable – meaning the elderly, pregnant and children. You will have to have a list of the guests with their National ID card numbers and may need to provide recent travel itinerary in compliance with governmental regulations. For the health and safety of the guests it is mandatory to have temperature taken and wear face masks too. The local PHI will have a set of guidelines and you must consult with him before the event. Scale down your bridal troop. It is best to exclude page boys and flower girls - as cute as they can be - for their own safety.


  1. Speak with your venue partner– Look at their restrictions when it comes to maximum guest requirements. See whether you have the option to use the pool side or garden instead of indoors. You will need to inform the local PHI and request his visit as he would provide guidelines of the number of people who can gather according to the space. Discuss with him the plans you have in mind. Most venues are restricted to 40% of their capacity, so a place which could previously accommodate 400 guests can only accommodate 100 now. The final count should include the vendors who will be staying throughout the event, like your wedding planner, band, photographers etc.

  2. Adhering to guidelines -The hotel/venue must disinfect t

he halls and furniture that would be used. This may incur you costs that were not initially included on your contract based your decisions on using minimal furniture, décor, and backdrops. Look at possibilities to hire than buy.

  1. Private Venues- Try to use private venues as much as possible. You could think of small villas, use your own house, garden, or hire a private pool side and garden. If allowed you may think of the backyard of the church for Catholic/Christian weddings. This may lessen the necessity of disinfecting before and after the event. You may have to think of parking space too: would you need vehicles parked on byroads? If yes, you must inform the police and your neighbors too, in case you select to have it at home or a private venue.

  1. Cancelling the Venue – If you decide to change the event venue all together, it might be wise to check with them the possibility of transferring your deposit to someone else who may be interested in the same venue for a date later this year or next, as most venues will have scruples on refunding your payment.


  1. Check the availability – Discuss with your photographer for optional dates. You may want to think of pre-shoot or couple only photos than with a group.

  2. Virtual meetings -Use virtual meetings to discuss packages, select album covers and how you would like to have your photographs taken. Avoid meetings as much as possible.

  3. Event Coverage - If your guest list has been reduced and you have scaled down the event- a minimum number of photographers should be able to cover the wedding photography and videography. Discuss how they can capture more candid and natural images of the reception while adhering to social distancing.

  4. Consider Live Streaming -Discuss the option of live streaming the event. This way you can invite only a few in person, and everyone else can be a part of the event virtually.


  1. Check availability -Check the availability of the florist on the new tentative dates. You may want to scale down on the theme, designs and décor you have previously decided. Look at minimal options.

  2. Tips and Options -Check if the chosen flowers will be available for the new date. If not, discuss other options. Look at décor that can make your venue look beautiful using minimum flowers and foliage. You may also want to consider lighting as an alternative for décor- experts say lights help make the space look fuller! A definite plus point, especially for photographs.

  3. Virtual meetings- Use virtual meetings to discuss packages and to check samples.

Make up Artist

  1. Check availability – Check the availability of the MUA on the selected date. Make a document/ Pinterest board with your preferred hairstyles and make-up options and share with your MUA.

  2. Virtual meetings- Do virtual meetings to discuss skincare routines which allows the MUA to provide advice on what you can do, in the days leading up to the wedding. Discuss whether you may opt to use your own make-up and brushes etc. if possible (a tricky point). Also, brides can opt to dress by themselves if it is achievable.

Entertainment; Band/DJ

  1. Check availability / Virtual meetings - Check the availability of the band or DJ on the selected date. Do virtual meetings to discuss and select your choice of songs. Remember that the band /DJ will have to be included in the headcount of guests.

  2. Setting up equipment – The Band/ DJ should avoid sending a lot of people to set up, instead only a few crew members should be sent prior to the event. It is also an obligation to make sure they use disinfectants / or disinfect all equipment when setting up.

  3. Options- Due to social distancing guidelines, dance floor is no longer an option. You can consider having a sing-along session instead of a dance floor. This may help keep your guests entertained during the event.


  1. If the bridal is not yet selected - Meet your designer virtually, send pictures of yourself and of the inspiration you have selected. Let the designer share sketches with you virtually.

  2. If the bridal is nearing completion- Visit the bridal studio only when they are ready for the fit on. If you are purchasing a ready-made dress check with them if they can deliver the dress to you. Avoid visiting as much as possible.

We hope this article is of help to you. Do share your experience with us and we would be glad to answer or provide more useful tips. Remember, sharing experience helps others even if you cannot truly understand the situation now.

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