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How to postpone a wedding during uncertainty | Best advice from a wedding planner

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Even the most organized bride-to-be can be disappointed and overwhelmed during these trying times. Truth is none of us were prepared for a pandemic like the Covid-19. The wedding you looked forward to celebrate with your family and friends can be celebrated together with a little support and a lot of patience. After-all safety of you and your loved ones is crucial. In the meantime.

Take time to process your disappointment

It is okay to be upset. You may feel sad and angry, especially since the postponement is beyond your control. It is simply natural to feel this way. Talk to your family or friends and share the disappointment you feel. Family and friends can support you through this time, and make good use of it. You can even speak to a therapist, if things are bit out of hand than you’d like. Also it is good to focus on your well-being, don’t let the stress make you guilty of binge-eating. Work-out and stay fit. It will help you both mentally and physically. Make this time to bond further as a couple. Explore places to visit, discuss ideas to redecorate the house, learn to cook your finance’s favorite food or make a list of your favorite songs. Don’t panic and keep your sanity.

Postpone the event properly

Review your vendor agreements to make sure about their event postponing policy. Call each vendor and discuss the next steps. The most cost-effective and seamless method of the change of date would be is to stick with the same vendors- rather than cancelling. Talk to your wedding planner; if you have one. Reach out to the venue, entertainment and other key vendors. If you want to finalize a date for the next year, discuss with them. As a tip, requesting for money back is not a suitable option, as vendors may have already spent money to prepare for logistics – also the vendors too should be in the business, after the crisis is over.

Celebrate the original date

Even if it’s a WhatsApp group call with your family and friends, or a zoom meeting or any other method- celebrate the original day as it means a lot to you. A virtual gathering will put your spirits up and also help in bringing closure to the day you have waited years for.

Pick the right announcement – Card or Email

Use an announcement method that is cost effective and convenient. Printed cards just might not be the best option. Downloadable designs can be more suitable. You could send a nicely drafted email to your guests or send a message on social media. If you use a wedding website, you can update it. You can even create a Facebook page to update your guests about the change of date.

Experts say using humor can be an effective way to get over the feeling of disappointment and loss, and can lift the spirits of your guests as well. However, it all depends on your taste and what you feel comfortable with. You can choose an elegant, charm or witty design. And remember to spread the word without going out!


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