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Wedding Questions You didn’t know to ask – Answered by wedding planners in Sri Lanka

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Every couple gets excited and plans enthusiastically for their wedding but sometimes fails to see the smaller details. These small details are very important, yet not very obvious when looking over the top. As wedding planners in Sri Lanka that have seen and planned thousands of weddings we’ve come across a few things that you might have missed;

Which dress suits me the most?

A very common mistake made by brides and grooms is going with the trend and wearing gowns and suits that don’t match them yet go with the day to day trend. It is always good to keep up with the latest trends and include them in your wedding BUT only if it suits you and what you like. When it comes to brides it is very important that you understand your body type and structure and choose a style that compliments your figure while grooms should worry about if the colors they’ve chosen, suits not only themselves but also their bride. Remember that just because you like it does not mean it compliments you!

What do I keep in mind about my wedding party?

Remember that your wedding crew is a big part of your day and you have to make the necessary arrangements to see that they have been taken care of. It is very important to make sure they have enough food and water so they don’t faint or fall ill. Most couples entrust wedding planners in Sri Lanka to make sure there’s enough refreshments. Another point to keep in mind is to organize a separate vehicle for them if your reception is held in a different venue than the ceremony. We’ve seen the struggle some couples go through when they forget this step, from booking Ubers, to calling relatives and frantically finding a vehicle just 20 minutes before the ceremony. It is extremely stressful when this happens so we insist that you plan this with utmost detail.

Which side to stand on during the ceremony?

Before your wedding it is best if you have a rehearsal with your wedding party and your immediate family who will walk you down the aisle. In Sri Lanka the groom walks in first with his family while the bride walks in after with hers. It’s always best to ask the person who is to conduct your ceremony before the wedding. This way everyone is prepared and it will be less stressful for all parties involved.

What should I discuss with my photographer before the wedding?

Most couples pay huge amounts of money for wedding photographers in Sri Lanka only to be disappointed with the final outcome. This is because most brides and grooms let the photographer lead the way and take pictures while this is alright you must also be a part of the decision process and let the photographer know what you like and don’t like. It’s always recommended to go through previous shoots and albums of photographers to compare styles and pictures you like. Since there are many talented photographers in Sri Lanka you have a wide range to select from.

Who leaves the cake and favors on the table?

This is one of the most important questions you must think of. Usually couples only think of buying and physically receiving the cake and favors but forget to complete the step of leaving them on the tables. Most hotels agree to leave it on the table for no extra charge and they do a pretty good job but if the hotel refuses to, then it is always better to select a wedding planner in Sri Lanka and ask them to take responsibility. Worst case scenario appoint a family member to see that the job is taken care of and call them a day prior to remind them.

Is there a right way to greet the wedding guests?

All your guest are there to celebrate your special day with you and it is only right that you should meet each one individually and thank them. There is quite a few ways of doing this; some couples choose to walk around to each table and thank each person, while this is a great way of showing respect and making your guest feel special it’s also strenuous specially if you have around 2500 guest. The other way is to let them line up and meet the couple by the settee back this might be tiring for the guest since they’ll have to line up and wait awhile to greet you. Either way you choose make sure to give a small speech and thank everyone who has been a part of your journey and anyone who has helped you with your wedding.

These few questions are some of the commonly missed details but if you meticulously plan each step, your wedding will flow smoothly, no doubt! If you still feel anxious you can always contact us to let us help you plan your day!

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